Who is Dorian Blue?

Dorian Blue is multi-skilled facilitator, storyteller, and coach. "As a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, I approach every project with measured precision and attention to detail," Dorian Blue says in regards to their process. "What I most love about my work as a storytelling consultant is the capacity to balance analytical, detail-focused work with conceptually rich creative concepts." Following their emergence as a storyteller and communications consultant in 2017, Dorian Blue proved their capacity to manage practical initiatives alongside genre-defying projects. 

Dorian Blue is a visionary storyteller, an evocative interdisciplinary artist, and an unstoppable force of nature.


Based in the District of Columbia, Dorian Blue uses their creative voice as a genderfree African-American artist to uplift marginalized voices, promote radical inclusivity, and inspire others to abandon the status quo. Their storytelling portfolio spans audio-visual documentary work, LGBTQ oral histories, vibrant community photography, gender-affirming portraits, and multimedia art.


Their community partners include the Latino GLBT History Project, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, the Omi Collective, Makers Lab, Black Lives Matter DC, and other change-makers in the world of art, activism, and radical inclusivity.

Since emerging as a storyteller in 2017, Dorian Blue has established a vibrant brand of storytelling that centers authentic connection between individuals, radical inclusivity across communities, and personal empowerment for individuals of all gender identities. 


As a community storyteller with a background in racial justice organizing, Dorian Blue uses the mediums of photography, visual art, and written word to liberate individual narratives and inspire healing for the viewer.


A dynamic interdisciplinary artist, Dorian Blue’s approach to painting is intuitive, emotional, and experimental. Through expansive brushstrokes, rich color, and a commitment to fluidity, Dorian Blue cultivates a rich conversation across mediums that uplifts transmutation and transformation. Dorian Blue's artwork is represented and handled by Blueboy Studios. Contact Dorian Blue about sales and prints of their work.


In addition to their ongoing career as a multidisciplinary artist, Dorian Blue provides multimedia storytelling, tailored marketing strategies, and business consulting via Blueboy Studios.


Dorian Blue's work has been featured in MetroWeekly (2019), WETA Arts (2019), and in multiple exhibitions throughout the DC Metro Area. 

Projects & Exhibitions

While At the Grave of Wellness (2016)

Through Word of Mouth (2017-2018)

May Is Trans Art Exhibition (2019)

Lady Clipper Art Gallery (12/2019-2/2020)


A Queer Melody (TBA)


  • Domestic Violence Resource Project (2019)

  • Frame Your Experience: A Welcome Event (2019)

  • Artist Panel with Sobia Ahmad, University of Maryland (2019)